In broadcasting, sister stations or sister channels (or "sibling stations" in gender-neutral form) are radio and/or television stations operated by the same ownership.

Radio sister stations will often have different formats, and often one station is on the AM band while another is on the FM band. Conversely, several types of sister-station relationships exist in television. Stations in the same city will usually be affiliated with different networks (often one with a major network and the other with a secondary network), and may occasionally shift programs between each other when local events require one station to interrupt its network feed. Sister stations in separate cities owned by the same company may or may not share a network affiliation; in addition, stations in different cities affiliated with the same network, but not sharing an ownership tie, may refer to each other informally as sister stations. For example, WNYW and WWOR, in New York City and Secaucus, New Jersey.

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