WONR were the call letters of a pirate AM broadcast station in the late 1960's. The station was located in Glenview, Ilinois and broadcast on a clear frequency at the upper edge of the AM band with about 60 watts of plate modulated power to a horizontal long wire antenna. The operator was a Loyola High School student who conceived of the call letters as an acronym for World's Only Non-commercial Radio. The station operated initially using a cumbersome WWII transmitter powered by a motorgenerator. A student from New Trier West High School later provided a more practical transmitter based on an aircraft BC series transmitter, also WWII surplus, but using line voltage. The station played top 40 music, provided news and other local information. On a good night, it received over 300 calls from local listeners requesting their favorite music or providing a reception report. It was heard throughout the Chicago north suburban area as well as by the FCC monitoring station in Kalamazoo, Mi. which lead to the FCC requesting the operator to terminate broadcasting on New Years Eve 1970. The operator complied.

Site moderator, please do not delete this entry as although it describes a pirate station, it truly is of historical interest to the operators and listeners of WONR. Thanks.

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