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KHBS: Fort Smith, Arkansas

KHOG: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Branding 40/29 (general)

40/29 News (newscasts) Arkansas CW (on DT2)

Slogan Live. Local. Latebreaking.
Channels Digital:

KHBS: 21 (UHF) KHOG: 15 (UHF)

Subchannels 40.1/29.1 ABC

40.2/29.2 The CW

Owner Hearst Television

(KHBS Hearst Television, Inc.)

First air date KHBS: July 28, 1971

KHOG: December 8, 1977

Call letters' meaning

KHBS: Hernreich Broadcasting System KHOG: HOG (mascot for the University of Arkansas)

Former callsigns KHBS: KFPW-TV (1971-1983)

KHOG: KTVP (1977-1987)

Former channel number(s) Analog:

KHBS: 40 (UHF, 1971-2009) KHOG: 29 (UHF, 1977-2009)

Former affiliations CBS (1971-1978)

ABC (secondary 1971-1978)

Transmitter power KHBS: 325 kW

KHOG: 180 kW

Height KHBS: 602 m

KHOG: 266 m

Facility ID KHBS: 60353

KHOG: 60354

Transmitter coordinates KHBS:

35°4′17.4″N 94°40′45.7″W / 35.0715°N 94.679361°W / 35.0715; -94.679361 (KHBS) KHOG: 36°0′57.4″N 94°4′59.4″W / 36.015944°N 94.083167°W / 36.015944; -94.083167 (KHOG-TV)


The station's operations are located in an all digital studio and newsroom located on Ajax Avenue in Rogers, which is a bedroom community of Fayetteville. KHBS operates a Fort Smith Newsroom on North Albert Pike. The two stations operate the area's CW affiliate on both of their second digital subchannels. Known on-air as Arkansas CW, it is also offered on Cox Communications systems—channel 4 in Fayetteville, channel 22 in Fort Smith, and channel 17 in Siloam Springs.


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[edit] History

Channel 40 began as KFPW-TV on July 28, 1971. It took its calls from KFPW radio (1230 AM). The station was a primary CBS affiliate with a secondary ABC affiliation. It took the CBS affiliation from KFSA-TV (channel 5, now KFSM-TV).

KFPW-TV found the going difficult against channel 5 largely because of the difficulties experienced by UHF stations operating in rugged terrain. Most seriously, it was all but unviewable in Fayetteville and the surrounding area—a problem exacerbated by its transmitter being located in Oklahoma. Many viewers in the northern part of the market watched CBS on KTVJ in Joplin, Missouri (now NBC affiliate KSNF).

To solve this problem, on December 8, 1977, KTVP channel 29 in Fayetteville signed on as a satellite station of KFPW. It was Fayetteville's second attempt at a commercial television station, after KGTO-TV. That station aired NBC and CBS programming in the area on channel 36. After a few years, it went dark in the early-1970s.[1] The two stations became full-time ABC affiliates in 1978 after KLMN-TV (now KFTA-TV) signed on.

In 1983, the Hernreich family sold their associated radio stations KFPW AM and KXXI FM. The Hernreichs changed KFPW's call letters to KHBS to unassociate the television station from the radio station. Four years later, in 1987, KTVP became KHOG-TV. Argyle Television bought the stations in 1996. A year later, Argyle merged with Hearst. In October 2007, KHBS and KHOG-TV moved their operations to new, state of the art studios in Rogers.[citation needed]

On April 28, 2008, KHBS and KHOG-TV launched new second digital subchannels to carry The CW. This complemented a cable-only CW affiliate operated by Cox Communications known as having the fictional callsign, "KCWA". With the addition of the new channels, there is a possibility of new newscasts.[2][3][4]

[edit] On-air staff

[edit] Current on-air staff


  • Angela Taylor - weeknights at 5, 6 and 10PM[5]
  • Derek Burleson - weekday mornings "40/29 News Sunrise"[6]
  • Craig Cannon - weeknights at 5, 6 and 10PM[5]
  • Melissa Kelly - weekday mornings "40/29 News Sunrise"[6]
  • Tiffany Stewart - Saturdays at 6, Sundays at 5:30 and weekends at 10PM[6]


  • Kyle Cabodi - general assignment reporter[6]
  • Kelly Johnson - general assignment reporter[6]
  • Jo Ellison - general assignment reporter[6]
  • Megan Gorey - morning reporter[6]
  • Damon Maloney - general assignment reporter[6]
  • Rob Sneed - general assignment reporter[6]

SuperDoppler Storm Team

  • Drew Michaels (AMS Seal of Approval) - Chief Meteorologist; weeknights at 5, 6 and 10PM[7]
  • Patrick Crawford (AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal of Approval) - Meteorologist; weekday mornings "40/29 News Sunrise"[8]
  • Ross Ellet (AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal of Approval) - Meteorologist; Saturdays at 6, Sundays at 5:30 and weekends at 10PM[6]

Sports team

  • Mark Lericos - Sports Director; weeknights at 6 and 10PM[9]
  • John Laws - Sports Anchor; Saturdays at 6, Sundays at 5:30 and weekends at 10PM (also sports reporter)[6]

[edit] Former on-air staff

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[edit] Newscast titles

  • The Night Report (1971-1977)
  • Newswatch (1977-1981)
  • NewsCenter (1981-1998)
  • Your Hometown News (1998-2006; displayed on-air in graphics as "Hometown News 40/29")
  • 40/29 News (2006-present)

[edit] Station slogans

  • 40/29, Your Hometown News (1998-2006)
  • Live. Local. Latebreaking. (2006-present)
This film, television or video-related list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it with reliably sourced additions.==[edit] References==
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[edit] External links

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