Unlike the United States, Canada continued allocating frequencies in terms of rounded wavelengths for some time. At least as late as November, 1924, frequencies from 667 kHz (450 m) to 750 kHz (400 m) were allocated in steps of 10 meters, rather than in even multiples of 10 kilohertz, as had begun in the United States. By the fall of 1924, new stations were given frequencies that were even multiples of 10 kHz, while older ones remained on the wavelength-based points of the spectrum. By 1925, however, Canada had completely shifted to 10-kHz multiples.

At some point, Canada decuided to put stations at 5-kHz intervals instead of 10-kHz intervals. The allocations were changed back to 10-kHz intervals in May, 1933 (although at least one station, CFRC, got a new assignment at 915 kHz), necessitating a wholesale reassignment of station frequencies that month.

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