This page lists all the known affiliates for Azteca América in the United States. For TV Azteca in Mexico, see that network's page.

Station Channel City/TV Media Market Call Sign Meaning
KZCO-LP 27 Denver, Colorado
WHCT-LP 38 Hartford, Connecticut/New Haven, Connecticut
KOHC-LP 38 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
WANA 14 Fort Myers, Florida / Naples, Florida
WDYB 21 Orlando, Florida area
WXAX-LP 26 Tampa Bay, Florida area
KHDF-CA 19 Las Vegas, Nevada K Henderson XHDF (TV Azteca flagship station) or K XHDF
KSVN-CA 49 Salt Lake City, Utah
KCBB-LP 51 Boise, Idaho
KSBO-CA 42/8/17/30 Santa Barbara, California / Santa Maria, California / San Luis Obispo, California K San Luis OBispO
KMSG 8 Fresno, California K Fresno AZteca America
WQAW-LP 25 Baltimore, Maryland
KMSG-LP 39 Fresno, California
KUDF-LP 14 Tucson, Arizona K TUcson XHDF (TV Azteca flagship station)
KPDF-CA 41 Phoenix, Arizona K Phoenix XHDF (TV Azteca flagship station)
WMBC 63.3 New York City, New York
KAZA-TV 54 Los Angeles K AZteca America, Los Angeles?
KBDF-LP 64 Brownsville, Texas K Brownsville XHDF (TV Azteca flagship station)
WAZS-LP 22 Charleston, South Carolina W AZteca America, South Carolina
KSTV-LP 60 Sacramento, California/Stockton, California/Modesto, California
KZKC-LP 42 Bakersfield, California
WCHU-LP 13 Chicago, Illinois
WUVM-LP 4 Atlanta, Georgia
KAZD 26/44 Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas KAZD
WFXZ-CA 24 Boston,Massachusetts
KHCV 45.2 Seattle, Washington
WBWT-LP 38 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
KMCE-LP 43 Monterey, California
KEMO 20.4 San Francisco, California/Oakland, California/San Jose, California
KNEX-LP 55 Laredo, Texas
KTXD-LP 43 Amarillo, Texas
KXPD-LP 52 Eola / Portland / Salem / Woodburn, Oregon
KRHT-LP 58 Redding, California/Red Bluff, California/Chico, California
KXOR-LP 36 Eugene, Oregon


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