Template:Infobox Company Insight Communications is the 9th largest cable operator in the United States with approximately 750,000 customer relationships in the three contiguous states of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. Insight offers bundled, analog and digital video, broadband Internet, and voice telephone services.[1]

Breakup of Insight Midwest partnership

On Monday, April 2, 2007, Insight and Comcast announced that they were unraveling Insight Midwest partnership, a group of cable systems that were managed by Insight under the Insight name, but with equal ownership shared between Comcast and Insight. In the split Comcast will acquire as direct customers the Illinois subscribers and most of the Indiana subscribers as direct customers. Insight will gain complete ownership of cable systems in Kentucky, Evansville, Indiana and Columbus, Ohio. This transaction will remove Insight from the Illinois market, as well as much of the Indiana market.[2] This transaction is a large step backwards in growth for Insight in customer share and markets covered. Their business division, Insight business, also is affected negatively by this shrinkage.


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