First station

  • Date: ...June 30, 1923-June 30, 1928...
  • Frequency:
    • 1120 khz (...June 30, 1923-June 30, 1926...)
    • 1040 khz (...June 30, 1927...)
    • 1410 khz (...June 30, 1928...)
  • Location:
  • Owner of license:
    • Flexon's Garage (...June 30, 1923-June 30, 1924...)
    • Berechah Church Inc. (...June 30, 1926-June 30, 1928...)

(NOTE: It is not certain that the above is one station. The frequency is unchanged, but both the city of license and owner were changed at about the same time, and there has not been found evidence as to whether this was a new station or a purchase and relocation of the old one.)

Second station

Third station

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