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  • Date: December 9, 1921-June 23, 1931 ( Note: The homepage of successor station KNEW gives the change from 6XAJ to KZM as September 1921.)
  • Previous call letters: 6XAJ
  • Frequency:
    • 500 khz (...January 3, 1922...) [concurrently with other listed frequencies, see history page]
    • 833 khz (...January 3, 1922-June 30, 1924...) [concurrently with other listed frequencies, see history page]
    • 1000 khz (...January 3, 1922...) [concurrently with other listed frequencies, see history page]
    • 1240 khz (...March 1925-June 30, 1925...)
    • 1250 khz (...December 15, 1925-June 30, 1926...)
    • 1220 khz (...June 30, 1927-April 1928?...) (See Note below.)
    • 1440 khz (...April 1928?...) ( NOTE: Two different radio guides for April 1928 have been consulted. White's shows the station at 1440 kHz; Radex shows the station at 1220. The February 1928 Stevenson's Guide gives 1220.)
    • 1300 khz (...June 30, 1928...)
  • Location:
  • Owner of license:
    • Preston D. Allen (December 9, 1921-April 1928...) ( NOTE: A listing dated March 1925 gives "Western Radio Institute" as owner; both earlier and later listings, however, give Preston D. Allen.)
    • The Golden West Broadcasting Station (Leon P. Tenney) (1928-January 1930) ( NOTE: Shown only as Leon P. Tenney in a listing dated June 30, 1928.)
    • Julius Brunton and Sons (See also KJBS.) (January 1930-June 23, 1931)

Note: Although differently owned, KLX used the same facility and personnel from July 25, 1922, and was managed by Allen, until the sale by Allen to Tenney in 1928, according to the homepage of the Bay Area Radio Museum's history of successor station KNEW[1]. Allen remained as manager of KLX after selling KZM.


  1. Bay Area Radio Museum history of KNEW

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