• Date: March 22, 1929-2010... ( Note: One source gives date of first broadcast as April 8, 1929.)
  • Previous call letters: KFEC
  • Frequency:
    • 1310 kHz (...February 15, 1930...)
    • 1250 kHz (...March 29, 1941)
    • 1280 kHz (March 29, 1941-2010...)
  • Location:
  • Owner of license:
    • Carl E. Haymond (March 22, 1929-February 15, 1930...)
    • Clear Channel Communications (...2008)
    • GAP Broadcasting Yakima License, LLC (2008-2010...)

NOTE: Details on the transfer of this station from Portland to Yakima differ among sources. In one reference, KFEC signed off in Portland on March 20, 1929, and Carl E. Haymond, who bought the station, started transmitting in Yakima two days later, changing the call letters to KIT, which would imply that the station never broadcast as KIT in Portland at all. Another reference agrees that the call letters KIT were started March 22, 1929, but in Portland, and the station is now in Yakima, but does not give a date for the transfer. A third source says that the first broadcast of KIT in Yakima was in 1931, but is not clear as to whether the station broadcast as KIT in Portland before that year. And contemporary radio log magazines show the station in Yakima as early as February 15, 1930.

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