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Chronology of call letters KFAD

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  • Date: June 21, 1922-November 1929
  • Frequency:
    • 833 khz (June 21, 1922-1925)
    • 1100 khz (...June 30, 1925-June 30, 1927...)
    • 930 khz (...June 30, 1928-November 11, 1928) ( Note: shown as "330" in early 1928 according to one source, but this appears to be a typographical error.)
    • 620 khz (November 11, 1928-November 1929)
  • Location:
  • Owner of license:
    • McArthur Bros. Mercantile Co. (...June 30, 1922-late 1925)
    • Electrical Equipment Co. of Phoenix (late 1925-November 1929) ( Note: Licensee was listed as "Electrical Equipment Co. (McArthur Bros. Mercantile Co.)" in 1926 and 1927 listings, simply as "Electrical Equipment Co." afterward. The Electrical Equipment Co. of Phoenix was owned by McArthur Bros. Mercantile Co., so neither change represented a real change of ownership.)
  • Subsequent call letters: KREP

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