First station

  • Date: ...March 1925...
  • Frequency:
    • 882 kHz (...March 1925...)
  • Location:
  • Owner of license:
    • High Life (...March 1925...)

( Note: The station is shown in an April 1929 RADEX listing, operating at 800 khz under the ownership of Miguel S. Castro, but:

  1. A note from a reader in the same issue indicates that at least one other Mexican station had been changed from CZE to XFX, so this date is questionable.)
  2. Another CYH is shown in other publications (see below), in Monterrey, so the call CYH for the Mexico City station is questionable.)

Second station

  • Date: 1925-January 31, 1927...
  • Previous call letters: CYO
  • Frequency:
    • 965 kHz (...January 31, 1927...)
  • Location:
  • Owner of license:
    • Constantino de Tarnava (1925-January 31, 1927...)
  • Subsequent call letters: XEH

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