Experimental station, not licensed as a commercial broadcaster. Note that most experimental stations had an X, Y, or Z as the second character of their call sign, i. e., the first letter after the numeric prefix. This station's call appears to be a regular amateur call, unless the actual call was really 9XAJ. Both seem to appear in sources used to prepare this page, but 9AXJ is in the preponderance of consulted references.

  • Date: April 5, 1921-April 5, 1922
  • Frequency:
    • 833 khz (April 5, 1921-April 5, 1922)
  • Location:
  • Owner of license:
    • Central Radio School (Arthur B. Church) (April 5, 1921-April 5, 1922)
  • Subsequent call letters: WPE

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