Articles copied from Wikipedia are always acceptable if they conform to the topic restrictions of this Wiki. Since both Wikipedia and the Broadcasting Wiki are under Creative Commons, there is never going to be a copyright question in such an inter-Wiki copy. It is, however, good form to give credit to the original Wikipedia article by including {{Wikipedia|whatever}} (where "whatever" is replaced by the name of the original Wikipedia article) at the top of the copy. In most cases, since you will frequently use the same name for the article on the Broadcast Wiki, you can use {{Wikipedia|{{PAGENAME}}}} and save some typing (but be sure you include all the curly braces!)

You should note that any links in the original article to other wikipedia pages will not work unless those pages are copied as well to the Broadcasting Wiki. And in most cases it would be inappropriate to copy them. For example, one editor created an article about a network executive, which is a reasonable thing, but then, presumably to eliminate a red link, copied an article about the high school he attended from Wikipedia. The high school was an inappropriate subject for this Wiki, and that article was deleted. If you want to link to a Wikipedia article, you can do so. You need to replace




(or, what will also work, by


which may be is faster to type). If the link in the original article was in the "piped" format as

[[whatever|something else]],

you need to replace it by

[[Wikipedia:whatever|something else]].

(This can also be done as

{{Wikilink2|whatever|something else}},

but this saves you little in effort.

If you have an article that uses templates, (recognizable by their having curly braces around {{something}}) you will only be able to copy the template to this Wiki or delete the reference. There is no way of including Wikipedia templates on this Wiki other than by copying them over.

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